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T. Chad Baird

Level 1 Trainer

About Me



From a young age Chad found the adrenaline rush of strength training. The older he became the stronger his passion for fitness grew. He soon realized the direct correlation between his strength training, diet, and athletic performance. As a teenager Chad kept challenging his body through all sorts of workout regimes ranging from body building, strength training, power lifting and anything else that challenged him. His training in the gym complimented his fun outside where he participated in extreme sports such as: Motocross, Downhill MTB, BMX amongst others.

Chad knows that to be in peak performance one must have a strong body, a balanced mind, and a healthy spirit. Developing all these areas of fitness has helped him in many aspects of his life. His passion for anything fitness, his expertise, and past success has lead Chad to start the EDGE Training Fitness Center.

Since 2011 Chad has built up a team of expert trainers that share his fitness mentality. Together the EDGE Training Team loves spending their days helping others reach the levels of performance and success that they themselves have found. They have helped their members no matter the level of fitness they come in at. From nationally qualified Olympic lifters, Crossfit Regional Athletes, Nationally ranked extreme sports athletes, to stay at home moms, high school students and even retirees. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your goals, or what level you are at, Chad and his team just want to help you get the most out of your training efforts.

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